Villa Vignocchi: the Guest House and the Italian Garden

    The Guest house of Villa Vignocchi is located in a beautiful Italian Historic Garden. The garden enjoys the favourably mild microclimate of Fiorano Modenese, a little town based at the foot of the first hills of the Northern Appennines near Modena (Italy).

    What is an Italian Garden?

    A long tradition of gardens in Italy, going back thousands of years from classical times to the present, offers a great opportunity to experience a very important aspect of man made environments. Gardens over time not only represent an exclusive expression of design but also offer a window into other aspects of Italian culture such as art, science, literature, religion, philosophy, and perhaps most importantly the attitude that Italians  have towards nature.

    In terms of design, Italian renaissance gardens are the best in Europe and, arguably, the best residential gardens in the world. Their design was led by wealthy and artistically inclined patrons who were able to draw upon a wide range of brilliant artists and highly skilled garden craftsmen. There can hardly be a better arrangement for making gardens, as proved by the high quality of Italian garden design.

    And today?

    This tradition is kept alive by people who care about Italian culture. The garden of Villa Vignocchi is the result of a unique passion for history and nature. A tradition started in Renaissance can be enjoyed by the guests of Villa Vignocchi today.

    You will remember your stay at Villa Vignocchi and its Italian Historic Garden.

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